16 February 2018

Dirty Tumble dryer filters

Tumble Dryer fluff 
It is very important that a tumble dryers filter gets cleaned after every use, Otherwise it becomes one of the most expensive appliance to use in the home.

If the air vents are covered with fluff, It has the following effects;

> Hot air gets tramped inside the dryer and every component starts to heat up. From the timer control to the main motor just need a couple degree temperature rise to burnout.

> If vents are  blocked the hot air cannot move through the turning drum to dry the laundry. Which means the machine must operate for longer periods of time using more electricity.

Remember to check both filters, the Intake and outlet filter. Most tumble-dryer-users never check the air-intake-vent.

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PS. Also read; Tumble Dryers is hot but slow to Dry clothes

13 February 2018

Faulty Bake Element symptoms

Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth South Africa

Blistered grill element

Stoves and Ovens are Household Appliances that get used daily, when the oven goes faulty it creates chaos in most kitchens. In this post I am going to cover 3 of the most common symptoms of a faulty Bake Element.

Oven Temperature are inconsistent

The oven heats up to the desired temperature (only once) and then the temperature start dropping and in most cases it never comes on again. This phenomenon happens because the thermostat switches the top element on during the preheat phase but switches the top element off once it has reached the desire temperature. The top element will never switch on again during the bake setting - causing the oven to go colder and colder.

Oven pre-heats slowly

Because the bake element doesn't come on and only the top element is heating - it then takes so much longer to preheat the oven cabinet.

No Heat in Oven

When there are no heat during baking setting it could be two things,

  • Bake element is faulty and the oven isn't equipped with two top elements. (One for Grilling and one for pre-heating). In the case of no heat the top element is only a grill element.
  • The thermostat only turns the bake element on during bake setting and not top elements.
As always I hope this post has added some value to your day and should you need information feel free to contact me. 

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PS;there are more symptoms you can look out for like; is the oven light on or is the digital timer on. these are rare symptoms but I we can chat about them some other time. Also read http://highpointappliances.blogspot.co.za/2016/02/stove-oven-bake-element-explode.html

02 February 2018

Defy Appliances huge price hike

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Companies increase their revenue by increasing the prices of their products. This is normal practice when its done in marker related terms

In Defy's case they are taking a full swing at the little guy

Defy has removed all trade-discounts from their parts without any prior warning or intention acknowledgements. They just said all discounts has been removed tor the small operators but if your are Big they will give you discount.

Its really sad to experience it firsthand that market leader like Defy Appliances can do this to the small people that has support and help build their brand (just to balance their books for the share holders)

In the current economical crisis South Africa is experiencing,  it thats a lot of something to burn bridges or in their case the lack of leadership-brains.

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25 January 2018

LG dishwasher E1 error Code

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Lg Dishwasher E1 error code

New appliances diagnose themselves and they will inform the appliance-operator when they are not feeling well. Most of the time the codes that is displayed by an appliance aren't error codes, it is more a communication code. I am sure in the near future we will have our appliances actually telling us what they want or need.

The Lg dishwasher displays a E1 code when there is a problem with the pump motors. It could be the main-pump-motor or it could be the drain-pump-motor.

Dishwasher main circulation pump motor

The circulation-pump mostly fails over a period of time. What happens is the seal between electric motor and pump damages. Water from the pump starts leaking onto the motors bearings causing it to rust. Slowly as the bearings deteriorate the Dishwasher becomes more noisier when it's on the wash cycle.

On rare occasions a piece of broken cutlery or bone would get stuck in the motors impeller but like I say very rarely because all dishwashers has got a filter that catches the debris. 

Dishwasher Drain pump motor

Most of the time a Drain-pump don't warn you of their intentions to fail. They just stop draining the water and this normally happens when you have a full dinner setting.

Some drain-pumps just have more etiquette than other because they actually talk to you. For most people who do not understand appliance-lingo it sounds like noise when the dishwasher pump-out its grey-water.

Now you know the reason for the E1 code and you also know that when your LG Dishwasher becomes noisier it is actually a cry for attention.

Should you have any question I will see you on the otherside

The Symptoms is that It becomes noisier every time it is in use 000

23 January 2018

Dark Chocolate

Microwave Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Dark Brown Chocolate


Red food colouring

to the Mixture

Will give

Your Cake 

That Dark Chocolate  


16 January 2018

Whirlpool Toploader Washing machine

Apart from the old Hitachi toploader washing machines Whirlpool are the best domestic toploader washing machine on the mark. (I'm not getting paid for saying this). The only thing that is pulling this product down is their poor aftermarket and part service

The greatest advantage of the whirlpool toploader is that there aren't many parts to service. In fact the only part that has to be replace regularly is the rubber coupler between the gearbox and motor.
Bottom view of Whirlpool washing machine gearbox and motor
Clients ask me all the time when they should service their Whirlpool toploader washing machine and their is no specific time frame but I recommend every 5 years. If you do big laundry loads (eg blankets) regularly then you should replace the couplers more often. 

The bad thing about a worn-out coupler is that sometimes when it goes on the blink it does warn you and by the time you realize something is not right, the motor has over heated. Replace the main motor you are talking big money.  

Symptoms of a worn-out Coupler

Fortunately there are little tell tale signs that warn you that things are not right in the washing machine. 
  • The washing machine agitator starts getting slower while its washing
  • Grinding noise while washing machine working especially during the spin-cycle
  • Laundry drains but the machine doesn't spin.
 I hope this post has added some insight to your day. Feel free to contact me if you should need more information.

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Golden Tarts

Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Making Tarts and Cakes Golden


Golden Brown Sugar


Tarts and Apple Pies

Before Baking

Will give them a

Delicious taste

then turn them into a

Beautiful Golden Brown Feast

11 January 2018

Samsung washing Machine error code 1C , 1E and E7

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

In this post we will cover the meaning of 1C, 1E,  and E7 error codes on Samsung washing machine display.

1C, 1E and E7 means the same thing - that there is some thing wrong with the water level.

  • C1 was for washing machines that was made after 2014
  • E1 machines made before 2014 
  • E7 is a very old code, not necessary an old machine just a old error code
Always write the Code down before you do anything - so that you won't forget it for later refer if someone asks.

Possible Causes

  • Too much soap power causes over foaming - the pressure switch cannot read the foam as it has no force.
  • Laundry was added after/while water was entering the washing machine drum
  • Dirt partials has block the pressure switch sensor tub
  • One of the solenoid inlet valves is faulty
  • Pressure switch is faulty
Most of these causes can be avoided if you just clean the washing machine regularly. If you want to know how to clean your washing machines inner-drum yourself just go to this previous post http://highpointappliances.blogspot.co.za/2015/10/washing-machine-inner-drum-cleaning.html 

If you need more information feel free to contact me.


09 January 2018

Hard Nuts

Oven and Stove Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Cracking Hard Nuts

Heat the nuts

in a oven

The shell will Become brittle

Making it easy



Defy eight thirty five stove Cracks

The Defy eight thirty five glass top free standing stove must be one of nices and best stoves that was ever build in the glass - top - range.

Life tends to happen and this stove glass top was accidentaly cracked.

02 January 2018

Cracked cake

Stove and Oven Repairs in Port Elizabeth. South Africa

Cracked Cake

When your Cake has risen to high


The cake has cracked

Cover it

With a damp cloth

Watch the Magic happen

31 December 2017

Defy Refrigerator E4 error code

E4 error code on a Defy Refrigerator is a indication that there is something wrong with the air movement inside the freezer compartment. (Older defy models has a red light blinking)

REASON for code

The freezer has made too much ice and is now all frozen-up or
it could be that freezer system  is low on refrigerant (gas)

Possible Causes

1. The freezer door wasn't closed proberly - just closed enough to switch off "door open" alarm and open enough to let moister in - resulting in over condensation on condenser.

2. Abnormal high open and closing of freezer door. In our part of the world (Port Elizabeth) the over icing often happens during summer because we have more humunity in the air during summer and the freezer are opened more frequently for treats.

4. Defrosting Element not heating - therefore not melting the ice - buildup

5. Pc control panel has gone on the blink

6. Refrigerant tubs has rusted  causing a gas leak.

I hope the post has help you to make a more informed decision about your next step. Also read some of my previous post  




08 December 2017

Refrigerator Regas or Not

Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerator Re-gassing or Not!

That is the question!

This post is to help you make better informed decisions if you should regas your refrigerator or not.

Refrigerator sides and insulation removed 

Disclaimer:  I do not want to talk myself or any refrigerator-contractor out of business. I am all for helping any client with their refrigerator problem. Therefore with this post is to help you make better decisions about appliance repairs. 

Another reason for this post is to help you ask the correct questions, then weigh-up the pro and cons before re-gassing your refrigerator.

First step is for you to confirm your unit is low on refrigerant - if you haven't read my previous post on "Signs of low refrigerator gas" do it now! just click here.

General refrigerator principals
  • Refrigerant (gas) doesn't get used-up by the fridge, it is recycled all the time.  if refrigerator needs gas; it has a Gas leak!
  • It is normal for a industrial refrigerator to develop gas leaks (because of the powerful compressors and fans going On/off all the time) but its not normal for a domestic refrigerator to start leaking.

Questions to Ask
  • Was the refrigerator moved recently;- sometime the movers pick the unit up by grabbing on the outside hose to get a firmer grip. Causing one of the back gas-tube-connections to spring a leak. (this is a easy repairs)
  • Were the refrigerator wash and cleaned recently - pressing on the inside to clean could make the all ready rusted gas-tubes to crack causing the gas (refrigerant) to escape.

Refrigerator Gas pipes exposed

Why did the old refrigerator lasted longer
  • Vintage fridges and freezers were build from better materials, the Appliance manufacturers used more coppers and aluminium inside the cooling-units. Fridges were so heavy, people didn't move them around all the time
  • The older refrigerators where build to last because companies still believed in building Brand names and the honor that gets associated around them. Now they build fashion refrigerator that will enhance the kitchen decor and also the shareholders wants a turnover
Refrigerator must look good! 

  • All the ugly gas tubes and motors must be hidden away - inside the unit
  • In the Heydays manufactures made used of cold-plates (condensers), no galvanized  cold pipes were use to form ice. Tubing would come straight out the fridge and be sandwiched in-between the hot evaporator to make sure that no condensation (water) settles on the gas tubes 
  • Manufactures construct modern refrigerator by letting galvanized gas-tubes run around the cabinet then they add insulation foam in between the sides. This is a sure recipe for a gas leak.
Do the maths! Galvanized gas tubing + Ice/H20 (water) @time = Rust # Gas-leak

Refrigerator rusted gas tubes exposed

Clients ask us everyday to regas or top their refrigerators with refrigerant(gas) and we always are very happy to oblige on condition they are aware the risk involved.

Re-gassing or topping a refrigerator  is a catch 22 situation; you have to do it to see if it is going to work. There is just no way of knowing if the compressor pump is circulating the gas or if the gas system has a blockage (preventing the gas from circulating).

 I do hope I have given you enough information to work with. Should you need more just drop me a line.

03 December 2017

Washing Machine filled with water

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

How Do you get Trapped laundry out of a washing machine

Whatever you do - Don't ever use physical force!
Two things will happen if the door are force-opened
  1.  You are going to break the interlock door switch(safety switch) - Expensive mistake!
  2.  Secondly you are going to flood the floor when the water comes gushing out.
The Door-safety-switch will not open while the washing machines inner-drum is still filled with water.

There are several reason why water gets trapped inside a washing machine;
  • Kink or bend in outlet hose
  • Drain-Filter is blocked
  • Drain pump has failed
 But let me answer the important question first

 " How do I get my trapped laundry out of the washing machine?"

You know now that the washing machine door has a interlock switch (safety switch)behind the front panel that prevents the door from accidentally opening during a washing cycle. 

This switch is there because you do not want little children to opening it during a high speed spinning cycle or while it is still filled with water. So the big thing here is to get the water out

This brings me to the Next BIG question. . .

"How do I drain the water in the Washing Machine" 

  1. Line up two buckets or water containers on the floor
  2. Unhook the Washing Machines drain hose from the wall outlet
  3. Drop  the washing machines drain-hose into the first bucket
  4. Let it fill 3/4 with water and move the outlet hose to the second container
  5. will the second containers is filling with water empty the first containers water
  6. Keep rotating the container till all the water is drain from the washing machine
  7. Once all the water is drained out of the washing machine the interlock-switch will release
  8. Washing Machine Door should open like normal to release the laundry

Heads up! Some washing machine has a little drain hose hidden in the front cover, all you have to do is just open it. Let the water drain-out into the rotating bucket system.

If you lucky and the washing machine is standing close to a outside door - just drop the outlet hose and let the laundry-water run out.

Draining the laundry water with the bucket-system will tell you two thing

  • If the water are draining slowly out of the washing machine, there must be a blockage somewhere in the draining system
  • When the water are draining freely - it means no blockage in pipes and there must be a gremlins in the Electric-water-pump.
WHY does Electric water-pump fail

A water-pump normally goes on the blink when something ( hairpins, money) get lodge in the pump impeller - preventing it from turning. By the time you realize the washing machine is not drain, the water-pump has overheated and burned-out.

Most of the time you cannot even see the that the water-pump got damage and when you touch or move the pump impeller it works fine again for a short-time. Just when you really need to get important laundry done it will go on the blink again.

So just the right thing replace the old pump with a new water-pump.

Happy washing!


05 November 2017

Bosch electric hand Drill

Appliance Repairs in Port Elizabeth

Bosch Electric Hand Drill

Bosch makes some of the best power tools at a decent price. There are better brands like Dewalt and Makita hand tools but I assure you your pocket will feel it.
repairs to electric hand tools

The biggest reason why electric hand tools fail is overheating, especially domestic types can only work for short periods of time - work 10 minutes then rest for 10 minutes.

Part time handymen tend to hold the electric tool with their hand around the tool cover the  vents - not good.
Always to use the extra handle supplied with the tool, do not hold the electric machine in your hands because the changes are very good that you are going to "accidentally" block the vent while operating it, causing it overheat.

The two above tips are good but try telling that to my friend Bjorn who is of those high powered executives which likes to get everything done at super fast  speed.

                "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!" - Alice in Wonderland

Asking him he to work slower with his electric hands tools, Is like telling the white rabbit to it easy.
Damaged Bosch Drill carbon brush holder

The above drill overheated and melted the brush holders. Changing the position of the brushers with change the direction of the drill bit rotation. Because it was melted together the operator tried forces the selector(big red plastic) and off cause you know what happened.

I was very fortunate to find "seconds" at the guys down in north end. Always great to know people who still provide good old fashion service that goes the extra mile.